At Zenith Performance Solutions, we are always looking for the newest and best ways to teach your employees. Personalized learning and adaptive learning are two of the newest and most popular ways to teach and train while acknowledging that learning is not a one-size-fits-all experience. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, there are key differences.

Personalized Learning 

Is there such a thing as a traditional learner? Many proponents of personalized learning would say no! Nontraditional learners can struggle to pick up material in an efficient and thorough fashion, which can lead to poor results when training. Personalized learning values highly-focused, unique learning paths. Unlike a classroom setting where personalized learning would mean one-on-one time with teachers, IT systems and advanced software can tailor learning experiences to each student’s pace, strengths and weaknesses. When a student starts a training course or module, the program can continuously adapt and adjust based on their performance and comprehension.

Adaptive Learning 

Adaptive learning is one way of offering personalized, targeted education and training to a group of learners. Like personalized learning, adaptive learning can take on many forms depending on the technology and systems you have access to. The adaptive learning product can vary depending on configuration, customization and order of content and the implementation process. Adaptive courses are made so that content, order and assessments all fall in line with overall learning objectives. Because these systems are so fine-tuned and calibrated to your needs, they can help to offer high-impact training without a high time obligation.

Personalized and Adaptive Learning Can Work Together 

Both types of learning can be used in tandem for anything from university courses to in-office trainings. eLearning analytics allow unparalleled insight into employee and trainee progress and give you actionable insights that can be used to further adapt coursework. With help from Zenith Performance Solutions, these analytics can create personalized learning journeys and experiences and be sure that everyone is making excellent progress. The more that employees work through the training, the more insights we will have to create effective eLearning products for you.

Partner with Zenith Performance Solutions 

Zenith Performance Solutions wants to transform the ways that you and your employees learn. We offer a comprehensive range of training course design services, including updating existing courses and consulting. We work with companies of every size to create innovative and instructionally sound materials that boost employee performance and satisfy your objectives. To learn more, please contact us by calling (970) 409-4013.