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Where To Begin?

Do you have an idea for a course, but want to some help bringing that course idea to life? How can you use AI to start speed up your course creation process?

Maybe you need to validate your idea with your audience, or need to determine what type of course it will be.

And then, there is pricing…how will you price your course so that it sells?

What I’ve Created

My digital courses have allowed me to serve others in the learning and development field. My courses #ignitelearning and help others go from feeling uninspired and overwhelmed to creative in both their leadership and their technical roles.

My courses have helped create a new stream of revenue to balance my client and consulting work, and enabled me to transition to a 4 day work week since 2021.

And I learned everything I know about creating and launching digital courses from my friend and peer, Amy Porterfield.

I’ve been talking about Amy for the past few weeks… I’ve even shared a few of her free resources.

Who Is This For?

Before I tell you about this unique bootcamp, let’s talk about who it is for…

If you are a corporate trainer, instructional designer, freelancer, eLearning developer, or human resources professional who:

  • has thought about creating a for-profit digital course, but not sure where to start.
  • needs a structured way to approach content creation.
  • wants to share their expertise with world, and wants a guide to get them there.
  • needs accountability to actually get it done.
  • wants a supportive community with other course developers with whom they can collaborate and learn.

You’re Invited

I’d love to invite you to join me inside Amy’s private LIVE community called Course Confident: A 5-Day LIVE Bootcamp to Get Digital Course Clarity, Attract Your Audience, and Show up with Confidence Online.

Inside this private community, Amy will be going live to help you cement the foundations of your own digital course.


  • What you might teach
  • What you’d be able to charge (based on examples across TONS of industries)
  • How to structure your course content
  • How to grow an audience NOW that’s ready to enroll when you’re ready to launch

And A LOT more.

Extra Bonus

Why Sign Up?

When you sign up with this link, you will geta few extra BONUSES:

  • Access to MY private community that is for Learning and Development professionals just like yourself. Here you can collaborate and learn from others who come from a similar perspective of instructional design and development.
  • Insights from my personal experience – After launching two digital courses, I will share how I made some key decisions about my courses, technology recommendations for launching your course, mistakes I made, and things I did differently the second time around.
  • VIP Q and A sessions – Come to a Q and A session to ask your very specific questions or to get feedback on decisions you might be struggling with.
  • Implementation Power Hour A co-working hour…bring your assignments and let’s get them done.

September 13-20

Virtual Bootcamp

This virtual Bootcamp, which runs from September 13-20 is the next step for anyone who wants to learn the foundations of creating a digital course.

You’ll be learning alongside an exclusive community of people just like yourself who are exploring digital courses as a means to move away from 9-5 roles or the time-for-money trap of 1-1 services.

And I’ll be there too, helping you and sharing my own insights every step of the way.

ALLLLL of that for $47.


Here’s the Deal…

If you are like me you might wonder, if I am an instructional designer, why would I want a class on how to create a digital course? I create courses for a living.

YEP…I asked myself the same question, and I invested my time and money anyway.


For me, I needed the structure and best practices of how to create a “sellable” course, and the accountability to actually GET IT DONE.

Amy built a bridge from my instructional design world to the world of course creation for my ideal customer avatar.


Whether you are a:

  • Trainer who is ready to take all of your subject matter expert knowledge and create your own digital course.
  • Instructional Designer who wants the accountability to create a marketable digital course.
  • eLearning Developer who has mastered the technical aspects of building courses, but wants assistance choosing the topic, determining the amount of content, identifying a good price point, and finding the right audience for their course.
  • Freelancer who wants to create a new stream of revenue for their business.

You’re In The Right Place!

Course Confident: A Digital Course Creation Bootcamp is the perfect fit for you and only $47!

By the end of your Bootcamp experience, you will create the foundation for your own profitable digital course.

From choosing your digital course topic (and feeling SUPER confident that it will sell)….

⭐ To knowing how much content to include (and what to leave out) to help your students get results…

⭐ To knowing exactly what to charge for your course and the revenue you could expect to bring in…

⭐ To how to find the right audience for your course, no matter what your audience size is right now.

This LIVE experience consists of 5 live training days and plenty of flexible implementation days designed to work around your schedule so you can start building out your course without throwing a wrench in what you already have going on.

About Dani Watkins

#ignitelearning is our mantra.

As the Chief Learning Experience Officer and founder of Zenith Performance Solutions, I bring my 25-plus years of learning and development experience to every course I develop.

I am passionate about improving employee performance and creating innovative courses that are instructionally sound, create performance improvement, and align with an organization’s business strategies. When I am not igniting learning experiences, you can find me hanging out with my family or running a Colorado trail.

Still thinking about it?

I get it, it can be overwhelming to commit…

But trust me when I say, you should give Course Confident: A Digital Course Creation Bootcamp, a shot.

It is a small investment to really get your course idea in motion.

Watch my interview with Amy Porterfield if you are still not convinced.

I personally cannot wait to guide you through the COURSE CONFIDENT BOOTCAMP

I am such a big believer in multiple streams of income and believe that everyone can create a life in which they get to do what they love everyday. So, whether you want to leave your current 9-5 job to create a life on your own terms, or you want to create a new source of revenue that does not trade your time for dollars, this Bootcamp is a must.

I’ve experienced first-hand how a digital course can enrich the lives of students and in turn, fill my own cup, connecting with others, and knowing that my content is creating stronger designers and leaders in organizations across the world.

If you are a learning and development professional who wants to start their journey to course creation, you owe it to yourself to take this low-risk plunge into the Course Confident Bootcamp, something that can not only transform your course content, but transform your your life.

Ignite Your Learning!

Dani Watkins