By: Dani Watkins On: July 18, 2013 In: Blog Comments: 1

This week I participated in two #ASTD chapter events, both on using templates and storyboards. While I have been doing instructional design for a long time, I always attend these types of activities because if I can learn one new thing that will make me more productive, it is...

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By: Dani Watkins On: May 20, 2013 In: Blog Comments: 1

I presented at ASTD ICE in Dallas this week and decided to take full advantage of the conference registration too. I quickly realized I was out of “conference attendee 101” practice. Conferences are all about how many technology, frameworks, strategies, steps, and principles we can file into our little...

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By: Dani Watkins On: March 31, 2013 In: Blog Comments: 0

As an instructional designer who works virtually, it sometimes hard to separate personal time with work time. This is mostly because my “office” is such a short commute, but also mostly because my brain is like a constant pinball machine. It rarely stops. This proved to be no exception...

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