Even if you put effort into creating the perfect eLearning course that looks great and performs beautifully, you may encounter a stakeholder who would prefer to have a PowerPoint version. Whether they are looking to use the content elsewhere, want to create a handout of the slides for note-taking or have another plan entirely, it is nice to know the basics of converting storyline courses to PowerPoint.

Storyline and PowerPoint Are Separate Applications

Problems often arise because Storyline and PowerPoint look similar. However, they are designed with different goals in mind. Storyline is used for eLearning and interactive courses, while PowerPoint is usually used for linear presentations. When converting Storyline courses to PowerPoint, you should keep this in mind. While you can convert PowerPoint presentations to Storyline presentations, you cannot do things the other way around. That means that, once you import a PowerPoint into Storyline, you will not be easily able to convert it back.

Converting Storyline Courses to PowerPoint

If you are going to need a PowerPoint presentation and a Storyline course, you should plan your projects accordingly. One way to work around this is by creating all of your base content in PowerPoint first, confirming the content and then importing the content into Storyline to add interactive elements. You will have two separate files, but the PowerPoint will be a virtual match to the Storyline course.

If you already have a course in Storyline without a PowerPoint companion, you can publish the course in Microsoft Word. By selecting layers and large images, you will receive a Word document with the layers and slides exposed. Insert the large images into a new PowerPoint and add the text to create the PowerPoint file. While this might take a little more effort, it is the most efficient way for converting Storyline courses that have no existing PowerPoint file created. We are happy to help you plan for any modifications that your course might need to meet the needs of all of its end users.

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