One of the most pressing concerns that many business owners have today is the threat of hacking, information being compromised or ransomware. Cyber crime has been on the rise year after year, and the criminals aren’t just targeting big companies. Instead, they are also targeting small businesses that lack the precautions that many bigger names have. Could eLearning be a powerful tool to educate your employees on cyber security?

Cyber Security Issues Are a Serious Problem 

Per recent estimates, approximately 2.7 million data records were stolen in 2017, which is over twice the number of records compromised in 2016. That number has continued to rise, and malware, data breaches, ransomware attacks and identity fraud are all problems for your employees and your business. Training your employees properly is a great way to ensure that they understand best practices for keeping data safe, protecting your network and guarding your computers from unauthorized access or attack. So, how can you properly train your employees?

eLearning Is an Excellent Way to Educate Employees

We recently launched a cyber security course here that is designed to educate employees and business owners on how to protect their assets. The right eLearning course will ensure that your employees are learning in an entertaining and engaging format while checking for comprehension along the way. Great course design can replace boring seminars and lengthy meetings where employees struggle to pay attention.

For example, would your employees learn more by receiving a printed list in an email of ways to protect data? Or, would they learn more by working their way through a dynamic course that doesn’t only list ways to protect data but also fully explain what each step means, how to practice it and then quizzes their knowledge to ensure comprehension? After all, telling your employees to back up and encrypt their data is meaningless if they do not fully understand that backing up and encrypting mean in the first place!

Partner with Zenith Performance Solutions

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