One of the biggest challenges companies face when creating eLearning content is making it exciting for the learner. Everyone knows that a learner who is highly engaged is more likely to retain information and have a positive experience, so how can you transform boring content into exciting eLearning content?


Ways to Create Exciting eLearning Content

  1. Find What Makes Your Content Interesting: What is so interesting or remarkable about what you are teaching? Find a way to show the value and importance of what you are teaching and explore ways to convey that to the course taker. Students will work hard if they see how the lessons they are learning matter to their job or the company. However, if this goes unexplained, they are much more likely to simply click through the course and tune out.
  2. Use Imagery: Too much text is the enemy of exciting eLearning content. Use strategic photos, illustrations and videos that convey the emotions and information that you want your course takers to walk away with. When you connect content to emotions and vivid imagery, takers are more likely to retain that information and be compelled by the content.
  3. Keep It Simple: While too much text is bad, you need to have some text to walk the viewer through your exciting eLearning content. Work with professional eLearning course designers like Zenith Performance Solutions to ensure that text is easy to read, properly sized and correctly spaced. You should never simply copy-paste text from a PDF or Word document onto slides and call it an eLearning course. Instead, you should carefully transfer information and reformat it for an eLearning format.
  4. Use Video: Did you know that the human brain is more likely to engage with video content partially because it interprets it as conversation and not static content? When you combine video, sound, and moving images into an immersive eLearning environment, course takers will retain more information, engage with what you’re offering and benefit from exciting eLearning content.


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