Adobe Flash first entered the market on January 1, 1996. While the program is now old enough to drive and vote, it is also old enough to retire. Microsoft is ending support for Adobe Flash on December 31, 2020. What does that mean for your eLearning courses? Learn more about the end of Adobe Flash and what to expect.


The End of Adobe Flash Support


What does the end of Adobe Flash support mean for your business? In short, Adobe will no longer be supporting its Flash product. As a result, it will be disabled in many browsers and platforms. Following Adobe’s announcement, many other tech companies ended Flash support as well, including Facebook, Google, Firefox and Microsoft. All of their related browsers and web pages will automatically disable Flash content, which means that your visitors and employees will not be able to see it.


Why Is Flash Support Ending?


Apple, the tech giant who created the iPhone and iPad, has never allowed for the Adobe Flash Player to run on its operating system. As a result, the tech world adapted to HTML5 to avoid isolating millions of potential customers around the world. HTML5, in contrast, can be used on all major mobile devices and will automatically adjust based on the viewer’s device for the best possible experience.


How Does Your Business Need to Adapt?


Your business will no longer be able to download or receive updates for Adobe Flash Player. If your eLearning content relies on Flash, it also means that you will need to adapt now or risk your content becoming useless. December 31, 2020 might seem far in the future, but it’s right around the corner. How can you prepare?

  • Inventory all of your content files to see which utilize Flash. Keep a list of everything that utilizes Flash Player for future steps.
  • Locate the source files for your eLearning content. If you have files, you can covert them. If not, you will need to work with our team to recreate your eLearning course before the end of Adobe Flash.
  • Plan the conversions you will need to complete and track the details as you go. To streamline this process and ensure that your content is as engaging and effective as possible, don’t forget to contact Zenith Performance Solutions.


Partner with Zenith Performance Solutions


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