Free Training Magazine Webinar – Elevate your Course Design Using Canva Assets in your Articulate Storyline project

Tired of the same old designs for your eLearning courses? Integrating Canva with Articulate Storyline can add a creative and impactful addition to your eLearning content by accessing new slide designs and backgrounds, custom graphics and illustrations, infographics, and graphic organizers, custom buttons and navigation elements, animated GIFs and videos, quiz elements, character illustrations, scenario-based interactions, and visual summaries.

In this 1 hour session, you will learn:

  • Access new slide designs
  • Create unique custom graphics, infographics, graphic organizers
  • Create custom buttons and navigation elements
  • Locate custom animated GIFs and videos
  • Create quiz elements
  • Locate character illustrations
  • Create scenario-based interactions
  • Create visual summaries
  • Export this all from Canva to use in your Storyline project


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