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A great voice can take any eLearning project from good to great. So, how do you find the perfect voice talent for your eLearning projects? Let us share some of our best practices.

  1. Reach out to your instructional designer circles.
    Instructional designers love to share. Reach out to your instructional designer circles, such as: eLearning Heroes, local ATD groups, or in Denver, we have a great eLearning Development group. Ask them who they use and like for voice talent. Referrals, in our opinion, are a great way to go.
  2. Use a voice talent site.
    We like It is super simple. Post your voice project, open the project for auditions by specifying some criteria, and wait for the auditions to come in. This is actually how we have found some of our favorite talent. Once we use them, we typically add them to our favorites list.
  3. Create a Voice Talent Showcase
    Our team has many eLearning projects going on simultaneously. However, rarely do they stay on the same development schedule. Therefore, we felt like we were always searching for voice talent samples, posting them or emailing them to clients, go back and forth on email to make decisions, and it began to overwhelm our time. So, what do you do when you are completing the same task over and over? You streamline the process and make it easily repeatable.
    We created a Storyline Project, ZPS Voice Talent, that showcases our favorite voice talent. We chose to have some fun with it and use toy-looking characters so that it wouldn’t influence the listener with a certain “look” or demographic.
    Now, when a client needs to pick a voice for their eLearning project, we just send them this link…and that’s it. We have reduced our amount of time and effort.

If you would like to reach out to any of our favorite voice talent, drop us a line. We are happy to send you their way.

Dani Watkins
Dani Watkins, Chief Learning Experience Officer
Zenith Performance Solutions
Dani Watkins is the Chief Learning Experience Officer and owner of Zenith Performance Solutions. She has designed and delivered instructor-led, eLearning, vILT, blended, and 3D Immersive training courses for business skill, proprietary, and technical content across many industries. She most recently was awarded the 2014 Bronze Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award for Best Custom Content. When she isn’t igniting learning experiences, you can find her hanging out with her family or running a Colorado trail.

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