Gamification is one of the fastest-growing trends in eLearning today due to its high rate of efficacy and phenomenal results in engaging learners. How can you improve your eLearning and trainings using gamification? Zenith Performance Solutions is here to help!

Gamification 101 

While the word itself might sound like it has something to do with playing games, that isn’t the case at all. Gamification is used to describe the visual cues and storytelling that all work towards your objectives for the learner. It is a way of tricking the learner (or eLearner) into retaining information by playing a game or completing a fun exercise. Instead of flipping from boring slide to boring slide, this technique allows you to engage your learners and get even better results. While games can be involved in gamification, games are typically designed for relaxation and fun, and eLearning gamification is utilized to boost retention and results.

Gamification Is More Common Than You Think 

While you might be new to the term, this concept has been around for decades. There’s a good chance that you probably already have learned and improved your life using gamification. Are you a runner? The popular app Strava tracks your runs daily and allows you to “compete” with friends, family or total strangers. The same thing exists on the Fitbit app. By creating a “game” through competitions with friends, many people are pushed to work harder and longer than they would otherwise.

Why Is Gamification Such an Excellent eLearning Tool? 

  1. Improved Learning Experience: When you can bring fun and enjoyment into learning, everyone participating has a much better time. The right eLearning strategy will help your employees or trainees to recall more and not necessarily feel like they are being taught in the process.
  2. Immediate Feedback: This method gives you and your eLearners instant feedback on what they know or should know, which can improve the quality of the learning process.
  3. Improved Learning Environment: If you want to make your eLearning experience less formal and more comfortable for people of all skill levels, gamification is an excellent way to do so.
  4. Versatility: Unlike some other learning methods, gamification is very adaptable and can be used for most learning needs and situations.

Partner with Zenith Performance Solutions 

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