Training is a necessary part of any job, even if long-time employees might feel like annual training is a waste of time instead of a valuable use of it. Training can carry a negative association with school and endless reading, so employees might lack enthusiasm before they even see what your eLearning course involves. How can you motivate your employees to participate in your training and succeed?

Determine Their Obstacles 

One of the key barriers between many employees and being enthusiastic about completing training is a lack of time. If your employees are using up every second of their 8-hour workdays already, training can feel like one more task on top of everything. Talk with your employees about their obstacles to easily completing training and make an effort to relieve them as much as possible. Could some of their work be delegated once a week to work on training? Motivate your employees by being on their side.

Offering Rewards

Just like you do with end-of-quarter sales goals or other achievements, offering a reward for completion is a great way to motivate your employees to do their training. Whether it’s offering an incentive for the highest score on the post-training assessment or an incentive for completing training before a certain date, you might be surprised at the results you get from a small reward.

Explaining Why It Matters 

If you understand why something is important, you are more likely to see value in it. And, when you see value in it, you are more likely to participate. This same principle can be applied to help motivate your employees to complete training. Explain why the concepts explained will be critical to their job or their career development to ensure that they understand the importance of the training and that you are not merely trying to divert their attention from their important job. Instead, you are equipping them with tools to help them do it even better.

Be Flexible

Offering your training as eLearning is one of the best ways to motivate your employees and get total participation. In the past, one-time seminars or events made it tricky for workers to get things done and sometimes pulled them out of other important tasks. Today, eLearning allows your employees to work at any time, at their own pace and from almost any device.

Motivate Your Employees to Complete Their Training with Zenith Performance Solutions 

Zenith Performance Solutions wants to transform the ways that you and your employees learn and help motivate your employees. We offer a comprehensive range of training course design services, including updating existing courses and consulting. We work with companies of every size to create innovative and instructionally sound materials that boost employee performance and satisfy your objectives. To learn more, please contact us by calling (970) 409-4013.