Every business has been presented with tremendous challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some have thrived and adapted to the changing times, others have struggled to strategize and stay afloat. One thing is apparent across the board—there are a tremendous number of takeaways that we can learn from COVID-19 in order to prepare for the future.

4 Business Lessons You Should Learn from COVID-19

  1. Sick Employees Should Stay Home: The impact of sick and unwell employees heading into the office has never been clearer than it is now. One survey pre-COVID found that over 55% of workers admit to going to work despite being sick and 33% said that they will always go to work sick. Make sure that your business has a sick leave policy in place to protect your other employees and take stress off of employees who are unwell.
  2. Remote Work Is Possible: One of the biggest lessons that many businesses will learn from COVID-19 is that remote work and training are possible. COVID-19 has forced the hand of many businesses, who are now learning through support from Zenith Performance Solutions, that remote work and training are not only possible, but great ways for employees to stay productive and safe.
  3. Prepare for the Worst: The companies who have the most to learn from COVID-19 are also the ones who never prepared for the worst-case scenario in the past. Rainy day funds are critical, because not every business can rely on government support in a catastrophic situation. Take stock of how much you should have set aside, and how you can quickly pivot and adapt your company in the future, should another “worst-case scenario” occur.
  4. Communication Is Critical: What did you learn about your communication when you went all-digital or all-remote? Many businesses quickly found loopholes in their current communication methods. Another big thing that you can learn from COVID-19 is how to better communicate with employees and management individually and as a group. Communication is also an important aspect of risk management planning.

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