Have you ever dropped a ring down your sink? What was the first thing that you did to figure out how to get it out? If you’re like the vast majority of people, you decided to look for a 2-4 minute video on YouTube. Even if you are good at keeping rings on your fingers, there’s a good chance that you’ve used YouTube in the past to help change an air filter, deep clean a rug or learn another quick skill. Microlearning harnesses the power of short videos to educate. It can be used by any business or in any industry to help professionals learn and understand concepts.

Microlearning 101 

To say that Microlearning is bite-sized training or snack-size education is too simplistic. In fact, a great deal of effort behind the scenes goes into facilitating effective Microlearning. The best examples of this strategy are honed in on a specific process or concept and offer only as much information as needed to help the learner accomplish a task. As you can tell in the examples above, this is best suited to relatively brief tasks like washing hands in a hospital or making a great cappuccino at a coffee shop. The power of Microlearning is impressive, which is why so many businesses rely on it.

Why Microlearning? 

Traditional trainings typically occur in isolation, where employees are asked to sit down, listen to instructions and maybe watch someone else complete the objective. Microlearning is designed to provide the learner with relevant information that can be immediately applied. Learners can choose what they need to work and complete tasks the moment and utilize it. Thanks to this, businesses that employ Microlearning often benefit from increased engagement, more effective training and increased employee interest in additional trainings.

The Benefits of Microlearning 

  1. Personalized Learning: When your Microlearning videos and trainings are hyper-customized and well-organized, it’s easy for learners to find what they need and use the information to get the job done. Personalized learning also encourages autonomous learning, and you might be surprised how many people take the initiative to equip themselves with knowledge.
  2. Learning When It Is Needed: Because this learning strategy involves brief pieces of content, they can be utilized exactly when they are needed the most. When a worker has an immediate need, they can search for and consume the knowledge that they need, which increases its relevance.
  3. Effective Learning: Because Microlearning can be for such specific topics, it’s an awesome learning strategy if the efficacy of your training is a priority for you. Microlearning can take a variety of forms depending on how you expect employees to use it including, eLearning, games, videos or infographics.

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