So out with the old and in with the new…2016 is upon us…Happy New Year!

What does a new year mean for you? For me, it’s a new beginning, a fresh start.  It’s exciting and a time to think about changes.  My New Year starts with a low-key New Year’s celebration with family…playing games, watching our local hockey team and of course watching the ball drop in Times Square.  And at midnight, we do the usual “Happy New Year’s” shouts, toasts, including sparkling grape juice for the kiddos, poppers and say “Happy Birthday”.  Yes, Happy Birthday.  My hubby is a New Year’s baby.  It is a great way to start off the New Year together.

Then after the hoopla…I begin to reflect on the past year and think about the possibilities of the new year. I know what you’re thinking…New Year’s Resolutions, right?   No…I long gave up on those  I think about goals.

Goal: the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result

Resolution: a firm decision to do or not do something

I usually also start out with a new look for the new year like changing my hairstyle and color. This year, I’m going with a shorter A-line cut with burgundy color.  To me, it’s a definite signifier, that this is a fresh start.

So, goals, huh? Yes, goals.  Resolutions may have gone by the wayside already, but it’s never too late to set goals!

How can you get started on goals?

  • Think about your roles.
    • You have roles professionally, personally and you may have other roles where you dedicate your time. What do you want to do this year for each of the roles you play?
  • Think about what you are passionate about.
    • What do you love? Have you devoted any time to it lately? What can you do to include your passions in the New Year?
  • What about priorities.
    • What are your priorities? What do you value? Is it your job, spouse, kids, family, friends, or other things? How can you make the things/people you value more of a priority this year?
  • And what about opportunities.
    • What would you like to do? Try a new hobby, start a new career, take a course, travel to a new place? The options really are only limited by your imagination.

When you begin to think of these goals, get excited, write them down, share them with someone you trust to keep you focused and accountable. Don’t stress yourself out about them.  Make them fun…something you look forward to.  After all, these are your goals and this is your life.

I have a great feeling about 2016. I’m a numbers girl.  2-0-1-6. Call me crazy, but 2+6-1= 7 and 1+6=7 and 7 is a lucky number, right?  Make 2016 your lucky year.  You are in charge of how you live it.  So, go out there and set some goals.

And just to show we practice what we preach, ZPS has a new look—web-site, and a new brand for the New Year. Check us out at:


So go out there and set some goals for yourself and for your training for 2016. And bring those new training opportunities and training goals our way.  You will not be disappointed!


Happy New Year’s from Zenith Performance Solutions!