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Most of the time, I  am the consultant, the third party who views an organization through the window. I have the unique opportunity to watch the interactions of the organization through a unique lens.

I have been working with an organization who is in the throws of  tremendous change. It is intriguing as I watch how  differently people handle this change. So many factors impact how they cope, but one that I most interesting is Social Style.

  • Driving style
  • Amiable style
  • Analytical style
  • Expressive style

They each handle the changes so differently, and as a leader, it is our responsibility to recognize these different approaches and coping mechanisms and help support each of our employees.

In addition, one of the participants in my training classes said it best, in the throws of change, we each have a pain threshold. This encompasses how much uncertainty, change, and support we can endure before we move on and find a new opportunity.

My point is this:


  • Recognize what your pain threshold is for change and act accordingly to move beyond it and take action to make your situation better.
  • Recognize the style of others and recognize that their behavior is a reflection of how they are handling a situation. Then, support them.

Have you experienced Social Styles? What are your insights? Share them with us.

Want to learn more? We offer workshops that can introduce you to the Social Styles concepts and help you create a more effective team. Contact us to learn more.

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Dani Watkins
Dani Watkins, Chief Learning Experience Officer
Zenith Performance Solutions
Dani Watkins is the Chief Learning Experience Officer and owner of Zenith Performance Solutions. She has designed and delivered instructor-led, eLearning, vILT, blended, and 3D Immersive training courses for business skill, proprietary, and technical content across many industries. She most recently was awarded the 2014 Bronze Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award for Best Custom Content. When she isn’t igniting learning experiences, you can find her hanging out with her family or running a Colorado trail.

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