Templates are critical time-savers when you are creating e-learning content. Instead of needing to create your course from scratch every time, you can utilize your own custom template filled with animations, placeholders, interactions, and objects. Once you have a Storyline template repository, you only need to storyboard your unique course and add your own media and content before you hit publish. How can you build up a Storyline template repository that works well for your team?

Creating A Reusable Custom Storyline Template Repository

Start by creating a Storyline project that looks and acts the way that you want future eLearning courses to act. Once you do this, save the template in Storyline for future use. You can give each template a custom name and then proceed to save it with the “.storytemplate” extension for future modification. Using them in the future is as simple as choosing from your templates and modifying them to meet the needs of the course you are working on.

Tweaking Templates for Future Use

Once you have templates in a Storyline template repository, you can modify them for future courses. Of course, you do not want all of your templates to be identical. When all of your eLearning content looks the same, it can be easy for the learners to get fatigued and lose interest. By using the base slides in a template, you can keep them looking unique and interesting by:

  • Creating a unique and appropriate instructional approach to the content.
  • Changing the color scheme to a different default, like from shades of green to shades of blue. This makes the template feel different and fresh without doing much work to the template.
  • Add in images that are relevant to your eLearning course. Even if the content is similar to another course, use separate stock photos or animations to get your point across.
  • Working with a skilled eLearning company like Zenith Performance Solutions to modify your templates and come up with new ideas for courses. We can assess your current templates, suggest modifications or work with you to complete a broad Storyline template repository.

Partner with Zenith Performance Solutions

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