The eLearning review process can be extensive if you don’t have the right tools and organizational parameters in place. With so many options on the market, which tools are best suited to help you streamline the review process with SMEs in a timely and harmonious fashion?

How to Choose the Right Tool for the Review Process 

  1. Map out YOUR review process (At what touch points will you have reviews/approvals?).
  2. Identify a timeline to complete reviews.
  3. Identify who is responsible for completing each review. Who will have the final say on material revisions?
  4. Match the review with the tool.
  5. Re-evaluate what works.

The Microsoft Office Suite and Excel 

Some training departments send complex spreadsheets made in Excel to streamline the review process with SMEs, but in many cases, these spreadsheets can become overwhelming when they are returned to the instructional designer when SMEs get the slide or title numbers incorrect. This can turn into hours trying to reconcile comments with the eLearning materials. If Excel is the only option that you have, use a detailed template that eliminates confusion, sets clear expectations with SMEs, and be prepared to spend extra time processing the feedback.

Google Drive and Sheets 

Google Sheets is similar to Excel, but has an added feature that SMEs can see what other SMEs are adding all in real-time. The challenge with Google Sheets is that some SMEs can run into issues accessing the review sheet due to their organization’s security restrictions. Additionally, some SMEs might not feel comfortable using a personal Gmail account to access a company project like this. They can however, use a company email, but will need to set this up. So, with this option, there is some up front communication that needs to happen with the SMEs, but overall, this is our favored approach over Excel because it is updated dynamically and in real time as comments are added.

Download a template here.

Articulate Review 

This is our favorite option for our Articulate 360 users. If you are already utilizing the Articulate 360 Articulate Reviewis the way to go. Thanks to the power and versatility of this tool, it has become a very popular option. Articulate Review 360 simplifies and streamlines eLearning review process in a browser-based tool that SMEs can easily access. No documents or applications to download. Gathering consolidated feedback, sending out new versions of an eLearning course, and managing comments has never been easier.

Review My eLearning 

Review My eLearning is an excellent option for those who are not using Articulate 360. It allows for easy, secure, and efficient input from team members, stakeholders, and SMEs. Review My eLearning is still utilized by large companies, governments, colleges and thousands of small businesses, even though many have moved on to Articulate Review.


A newer tool we have just discovered is Plot. If you are creating storyboards or video (Vyond, videoscribe, or straight vide content) for your eLearning, Plot is an excellent tool to use for SME reviews. It allows you to create an online storyboard, create a script, add visuals to that script, receive feedback from your SMEs, and get the production process completed quickly.

Check them out here.Email us to get a free month off your subscription.

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