Before your eLearning course can go live and you can start the training process, you need to make sure that as you develop the training, you take the time to review it, and involve all of the stakeholders. Rushing the review process, or not involving the right people, can leave errors or usability issues in the final product that prevent all of your hard work from being effective. How can you make the eLearning review process more streamlined to get things right the first time?

4 Ways to Streamline the eLearning Review Process

  1. Explain the Process: First, you should always explain the course creation process and the eLearning review process to those who will be participating. What is the timeline? What stakeholders need to be involved?
  2. Define the Review Cycles: Always ensure that you define the number and nature of each eLearning review cycle. Who is involved in each review round? What feedback is necessary? If one round is focusing on the content itself and a later round is focused on the flow from section to section, make sure that reviewers understand that. Segmenting feedback allows the process to be streamlined and avoids going back to redo work multiple times.
  3. State Your Feedback Preference: Next, when completing eLearning review be specific with what you are looking for in feedback. Do you only want to hear if there are problems? How should the feedback be delivered? It helps to give examples of what specific and vague feedback look like for those participating. Often, we make sure that we demonstrate what we mean by ‘actionable’ feedback.
  4. Set a Due Date and Stick to It: Finally, the last part of the eLearning review process is often the hardest. When you define a due date, it’s critical that you stick to it. Deadlines are often tight when creating an eLearning course, and delays because someone did not properly prioritize their time, wastes everyone else’s time. Make clear the due date for feedback and review with every contributor and stick to it. Don’t set a date that is unrealistic, but make sure that it’s a date everyone can stand by. And, if a date is missed or a review isn’t completed on time, help the stakeholders understand that, that delays all of the deadlines that come next, pushing out the deliverable date.

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