COVID-19 has forced all businesses to adapt to new ways of doing things, including how we hire new employees. Typically the interview process would consist of a face-to-face meeting with you or a group of other management and HR professionals. However, social distancing has made that impossible. How can you interview employees remotely with success?

4 Tips to Help You Interview Employees Remotely 

  1. Test Skills Remotely: If you are hiring for a skills-based role, like programming or copywriting, you can use a skills assessment tool first to sort through candidates who might not meet your requirements prior to scheduling. This helps to lower the volume of applicants before you interview employees remotely.
  2. Focus Your Conversation: When you interview employees remotely, you need to be prepared and be ready to use your time wisely. You won’t get to meet them in person and have a more natural conversation like you typically would, so make sure that you are going into your videocall or phone call with a clear idea of what you want to get out of it. What qualities should the candidates have?
  3. Communicate More: When you interview employees remotely, you should also adapt the way that you interact with candidates and communicate more. Because you can’t create a connection in person, candidates can feel less certain of where they stand. Send updates throughout every stage of the process so that you make a good impression just like they did!
  4. Be Transparent: Just like you are not used to the processes needed to interview employees remotely, your candidates probably also aren’t. Be transparent about your timeline and let them know what to expect. Are there going to be three rounds of interviews, or are you making a decision after one round? Will there be a skills test? Increased transparency sets your candidates up for success and eliminates unnecessary contacts during the process. If your prospective employee knows to expect a call in three weeks, they are less likely to give you a call after one to check in.

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