During the eLearning course development process, there are many different factors in play that will impact your timeline and budget. Unfortunately, issues with the timeline or budget can completely derail the process and lead to bad results all around. Let’s dive into some of the factors that can alter your schedule or final cost, and how you can prevent them from impacting your eLearning course.

Roadblocks That Could Prevent you From the Meeting Project Schedule

  • The Source Content: One of the biggest factors that can make course development stretch on for too long is the state of the source content. Are you working from a simple outline and without any pre-written or formalized content? If you have content available, is it already completed or in need of edits? Are you going to be working from PDFs or PowerPoints? Have you already consulted with Subject Matter Experts? Answers to any of these questions can extend the amount of time it takes to get your course created.
  • Working with Partners: Every seasoned course development professional has a story about an SME or other stakeholder causing the course development process to experience delays. Working with an expert course creation company can help to ensure that the project is properly managed and on time. It’s critical to create solid timelines that keep everyone on track.

Challenges Keeping eLearning Project within the Budget

  • The Type of the eLearning Course: There are major differences between the level of detail in an eLearning course and the amount of work it takes to reach your goals. A basic slide-based eLearning course development budget will look very different from an extensive, immersive learning experience with customized interactions and simulations. We can work with you to determine what your projected budget might be and how to maximize your budget for course development.
  • Resources Involved: Another factor in the overall budget of your eLearning course is the number of resources that will be involved. At Zenith Performance Solutions, we always try to use free resources whenever possible, but depending on the type of course you are creating, the resources utilized can rapidly add up.

Avoid Course Development Hiccups with Help from Zenith Performance Solutions

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