Everyone knows that videos are one of the most successful ways to communicate and entertain at the same time. However, did you realize that video-based learning is one of the most compelling ways to train your employees? Statistics back it up. A whopping 59% of senior leaders agree that, if given the choice between text-based content and video-based content on the same page, they will always elect to watch the video. Viewers also retain 95% of a message when viewing it in a video, compared to only 10% when reading. How can you utilize video-based learning in your trainings?

Why Is Video-Based Learning So Popular Today? 

The prevalence of video-based learning has grown a great deal over the course of the past few years thanks to:

  • The common adoption of mobile learning throughout numerous high-profile organizations. Instead of training on desktops or through complicated software, more companies are using mobile-first design that makes videos easy to watch on a smartphone through videos or apps.
  • The growth of microlearning-based trainings. At Zenith Performance Solutions, we frequently harness the power of microlearning through short videos that can be consumed on the go, in front of a computer or in a formal training environment. Videos are a great platform for microlearning-based trainings in an informal or formal environment.

What Types of Video-Based Learning Can You Incorporate? 

While we can use video in a variety of ways for your company’s eLearning needs, some of the best and most effective ways to use the medium include:

  • Animated videos featuring text and infographics that can be used to convey statistics or information, train employees or offer quick snippets of material.
  • Scenarios or story-based videos involving people in situations that the learner might encounter in their line of work or in an extraordinary situation that you want to prepare them for.
  • Videos showcasing experts in your field who are offering advice and guidance on a specific topic are a great supplement to your eLearning course.
  • Explainer videos that explain a concept through a story or narrative can break down more complicated things that are best conveyed visually into an easy-to-understand format.
  • Videos with whiteboard animals are an easy way to break down concepts into engaging images or animations with plenty of personality.

Partner with Zenith Performance Solutions 

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