It is no secret that 2020 shined a bright light on many dark holes. One of which was remote workers and how to manage them. Businesses of all sizes quickly realized the importance of ensuring training and education content was accessible to their now “remote” employees. So, what is e-learning anyway? E-learning is defined as a structured course or unique learning experience that is delivered digitally.

When Should e-Learning be Considered?

The short is, always. Utilizing e-learning is one of the best ways to manage employee performance and development. This includes leadership and key stakeholders. Let’s use COVID as an example to further explain. Spring 2020 forced employers to send staff home abruptly. Some of which had never worked remotely. Employers had to react quickly and prepare training for new tools and software. A prime example of when to distribute information and training through e-learning.

Asynchronous E-Learning vs. Synchronous E-Learning

Asynchronous e-learning is self paced; the learners are taking the course on their own, usually on a laptop. Asynchronous e-learning programs may include pre-recorded lecture content and video, visuals, and/or text, knowledge quizzes, simulations, games, and other interactive elements.

Synchronous e-learning, more commonly referred to as live-online training, online learning, synchronous online training, or virtual classroom training, is instructor-led and taken at the same time as other learners – everyone just happens to be geographically dispersed. This training typically uses a web-conferencing or virtual classroom platform (such as Adobe Connect or GoToTraining) that offers features such as slide or screen sharing, as well as interactive tools such as chat, polling, and screen annotation.

Partner with Expert Instructional Designers to Build Your Next e-Learning Course

Zenith Performance Solutions has a full staff of instructional designers ready to assist you with creating and launching your e-learning content. We offer a comprehensive range of training course design services, including updating existing courses and consulting. We work with companies of every size to create innovative and instructionally sound materials that boost employee performance and satisfy your objectives. To learn more, please contact us by calling (970) 409-4013 or email us at [email protected].