COVID-19 completely transformed the learning blueprint in 2020. Organizations had to adopt remote work model with little notice, causing them to focus heavily on simply maintaining typical operations. As a result, training was an afterthought, as there were more pressing matters.

Today, COVID-19 is still an issue. However, much of the changes that were first necessary now feel normal. Organizations are expressing interest in workforce development, ensuring their employees have access to the training required to achieve organizational goals and metrics.

This year, the narrative created played a large role in learning and development trends. By embracing the right trends, you can position your organization to thrive. If unsure which ones deserve your attention, here are a few that are worth exploring.

Embracing the New Learning Trends

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to optimize the learning experience. When properly implemented, AI solutions can play a significant role in the personalization of training. For example, the system can assess a learner’s current knowledge level, identifying strengths and weaknesses. It can then cultivate a customized training program, ensuring more time is spent in areas where improvement is needed and less is wasted on topics the learner already knows well.


The classic approach of presenting a lengthy course covering several topics in a single sitting doesn’t align with most learners’ schedules. Additionally, a drawn-out class isn’t typically ideal for engagement. First, it doesn’t provide many opportunities for learners to absorb what they learn before moving on to the next topic. Second, the course’s sheer length can be an issue, as maintaining focus for a long period isn’t always a reasonable ask.

Social Learning

Social learning is an approach that encourages collaboration. Learners who are exploring the same topics have a set platform that allows them to engage with one another. They can seek support from other learners if they struggle with a concept or share their knowledge with someone who is seeking input. Not only does this create a supportive environment, but it can also encourage creative thinking, deeper exploration, and even innovation.

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