The course creation process can be extensive, and working with so many stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) can mean multiple rounds of revisions. As you create your e-Learning course, the SMEs will need to review the course and provide any edits to the deliverable. Upon completion of the e-Learning course design, it is important to consider how future edits are added to the content. As processes change, so should your course materials.

Change Requests are Part of the Process

Every business wants the course creation process to be smooth and seamless, but sometimes there are edits needed after you’ve gotten a few steps ahead. Changes to your eLearning course from subject matter experts can throw a wrench in the process. In general, you should make every effort to work with your subject matter experts, legal team, marketing team and any other parties from the beginning. We know that sometimes that isn’t possible, so here’s what to do when your SME needs to make changes after the fact.

What to Do When a Subject Matter Expert Needs to Make an Edit

  1. Set the expectations for the editing process. Make sure that you are clear on how edits will be made and the timeline that you will need edits completed in. It’s also a good idea to define the scope of the edits possible. At some point, there should only be minor adjustments being made to copy and content. This is critical to avoid rushing the SME and to ensure that you are still able to publish your eLearning course on time.
  2. Work with your team at Zenith Performance Solutions to update the eLearning course in a timely fashion. Once you have the updates completed, it’s a good idea to send a final copy back to the SME for their approval. Don’t assume that you got it right and skip this step!
  3. Finally, you should always acknowledge their efforts and be appreciative. Many SMEs have busy work lives and go out of their way to help invest time and resources into your eLearning course. Don’t wait to say thank you.

Deliver a Better eLearning Course with Help from Zenith Performance Solutions

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