COVID-19 has presented businesses with many obstacles, but one of the biggest ones for some has been doing everything virtually. Thankfully, Zenith Performance Solutions has been there, done that and has plenty of experience as a result, so we can help you to select the best virtual platform for your budget, business, and needs.

There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

First, when searching for the best virtual platform, realize that there is only one that is the best for your situation, not one that is universally and unequivocally the best. The five most popular and high-quality platforms that we typically work with include Zoom, WebEx, Adobe Connect, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. If you’re looking for training, the three strongest platforms are Zoom, WebEx and Adobe Connect.

What Is the Best Virtual Platform for Your Situation?

Do you need:

  • Great Video Quality: Zoom has very strong video quality, and it is the best virtual platform in that regard. On top of the excellent video quality, you can also easily use screen-sharing and utilize an iPad to write on the screen in Zoom. The versatile video transmitting options make it easy to train. It also enables a virtual background and new filter features that can liven up any meeting.
  • Breakout Rooms: This is another area where Zoom is the great virtual platform, as it allows for breakout rooms for attendees to collaborate in smaller groups. WebEx Training and Adobe Connect also provide this functionality.
  • Webinar Options: Zoom offers a webinar that eliminates some of the interactivity, but is perfect for those who want to livestream directly to social media without a third-party tool.
  • Classrooms: What we love about Adobe Connect is its ability to setup the virtual classroom prior to training and to create multiple layouts for different interactions. We also love that you can save these as templates to share with teammates. One area it is challenging is that unfortunately, the strain on the platform, in the past and now increased during the pandemic, has led to audio bandwidth issues and big delays in communicating with both at the same time. Certainly, you can use a phone line instead of computer audio, however, the cost is substantial if you choose this option.
  • Agility: When it comes to agility and responding quickly to security issues and glitches, and adding new functionality, Zoom has shown its ability to go above and beyond to deliver.
  • Meetings: If all you need is meetings, the best virtual platform for your situation is Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or WebEx Meetings. There are not options for breakout rooms or polls (without some creativity and workarounds), but if all that you are looking for is a secure place to meet, these tools will meet your needs. Our only gripe is that sometimes we have found that Teams can be unstable depending on the day, but it allows for many options in terms of sharing files and creating teams within the platform, and its stability gets better and better every release.

Still not sure which is the best virtual platform for you? Want to maximize your platform? We’re here to help consult or train your team!

Find the Best Virtual Platform for You with Zenith Performance Solutions

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